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Club membership and fees

Fair Pricing Policy

Martial Art clubs all have different memberships and pricing policies, there is no right or wrong. All Martial Arts are good and for most they can improve peoples lives.

Doryoku Ryu has a members-only policy. This means that all students must be club members before they can take part in a class. This is so that all students are on our 'member to member' insurance.

All potential students must have a consultation with one of our instructors about training with our club before they can join. This is because it is very important for students, or potential students, to know what is involved in karate training; what they can expect, what we expect, club rules etc.

It gives the potential student the chance to ask any questions that they may have about costs, training times and suitable classes for beginners. It also gives us the chance to assess the suitability of a potential student with regards to any previous injuries or health concerns. Training with us may not be suitable for some. There is no point in an individual taking up an activity if there will be no benefit to them or if it is unsuitable and if this is the case we may be able to point you in the direction of a more suitable club or Martial Art.

If a potential student wishes to watch a class they must make an appointment with the senior instructor, so that a time can be arranged. They will not be allowed to train until they are a member and covered by the club's insurance. People are not allowed to walk into our classes and just watch. This is because many of our students are under 16 and we cannot have unknown people watching them. We also have to look after the interests of our current students and not everyone wants to be watched whilst they are training. We feel we are acting responsibly in this regard by making our students' safety and privacy a priority.

Doryoku Ryu has a fair pricing policy-

  1. We have ONE joining fee, trial or full membership. You will not be asked for a yearly membership fee, insurance fee, association fee or any other fee other than your training fees once you have joined.

  2. Our class fees are “pay as you train”. We do not have direct debits or standing orders. “Pay as you train” means that you only pay for the classes that you attend. If you go on holiday or cannot make a class through illness etc, you do not pay. We have faith in what we teach and we trust our instructors, so there is no need to tie anyone in and make them pay if they do not train. If someone no longer wishes to train they are allowed to leave at any point without any penalties.

  3. Reductions and discounts for families and friends, to make training for families possible we offer discounts so that everyone can train.

  4. We do not upgrade! There is one standard class fee for all grades, whether you are a white belt or black belt.

  5. We do not take money up-front for grades or black belts; students must persevere and improve in order to grade.

  6. Our refund policy is in line with guidelines set down by trading standards.

Our club is committed to making training with us accessible and affordable for everyone.

Our Instructors

All of our instructors must go through an instructor accreditation programme. This is to ensure that only the most suitable people become instructors and teach our classes. Karate instruction requires a multitude of skills. Ability and skill in Karate is paramount, but in order for our instructors to pass on what they know to our students they must:

  • #Have a passion for their art and be committed to their own training.
  • #Have the ability and skill to communicate and pass on information to students.
  • #Be able to run and organise specific classes for children and adults.
  • #Train students in our syllabus and help them to achieve their goals.
  • #Create and manage a safe and secure environment for students to train and learn.

The Doryoku Ryu Instructor Accreditation Programme. All of our instructors must:

  1. Have an Enhanced CRB check and be deemed a suitable person.
  2. Be insured and have professional indemnity insurance.
  3. Be first aid trained. This includes basic life support, injury prevention and the management of likely injuries that may happen in a martial art class. All Doryoku Ryu instructors and assistant instructors must complete a first aid course once a year.
  4. Have been made fully aware of and understand the club 'code of ethics' and expected behaviour in life and in the dojo.
  5. They must train once a week with a Senior instructor to ensure their own training is consistent and structured. This also keeps their teaching material fresh.

      Only after these criteria have been fulfilled will an instructor certificate be awarded.
      As well as this, all Doryoku Ryu Instructors and assistant instructors are also trained once a year on a class management course which includes the latest training in the areas of:

      • Health and safety.
      • Risk assessment.
      • Method statements.
      • Lesson Planning.
      • Student motivation.
      • Child Protection and Safe Guarding.
      • Anti Bullying.
      • Class and Student security.

      Our instructor accreditation programme surpasses and exceeds the minimum criteria set down by Local government/council and Schools and education authorities.